Recently Prince Harry and Meghan gave their interview to Oprah Winfrey and revealed some of the darkest secrets about the Royal Family.

Prince Harry and Meghan recently in conversation with Oprah Winfrey spoke out those secrets that were confined to the walls of Buckingham Palace. The interview has revealed a lot and the world is pretty taken aback hearing all of this. While Meghan talks about how the Royals treated her and their child, Harry reveals how his father and brother are trapped.

The interview revealed about Royals Racism, almost drove Meghan towards suicide, Harry talking about his mother and history repeating itself. Both of them talk about their struggles within the family and why they felt the need to step down from the royal duties. Harry reveals that his father is not even talking to him and he is living on money left by his mother Diana. Meghan reveals that Kate Middleton made her cry just before her wedding and about her mental health. Both of them talk about how they got married three days before the actual wedding in a private ceremony and that they are expecting a girl child soon.

The revelations by the both of them have been shocking and quite unnerving. While they have shared so much about their struggles to people that the reactions were inevitable. Here are some of them compiled.

While the reactions have been mixed on the interview but it has brought many things to the limelight. The revelations have definitely started a new conversation around the world for the Royals. And one major conversation is around mental health and how important is to address it. Moreover, no matter who is going through it but it matters that we talk about it and not discourage it.

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