Former One Direction singer, Harry Styles partners with popular sleep meditation app Calm for a 30-minute ‘Sleep Story’ called ‘Dream With Me.’

Imagine falling asleep listening to the calm voice of Harry Styles. Well, your imagination has turned into a sweet reality pretty soon and you can’t wait to know what lies ahead of you! The pop singer has lent his voice to sleep meditation app Calm for a 30-minute ‘Sleep Story’ called ‘Dream With Me.’ He will be peacefully putting your worked-up mind to sleep. All his fans can now enjoy a soothing experience of #DreamWithHarry from July 8 by downloading the app.

Source: CALM

At first, Calm put out a status using emojis, thus alarming Harry Styles’s fans about something big! They instantly related it to him because of an emoji of watermelon which is symbolic of his latest song Watermelon Sugar.

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This Wednesday.

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Later, Calm put out a little teaser of Harry saying “Hello, I’m Harry Styles” which created a buzz on the internet and made his fans go crazy and excited.

This venture is a ‘celebrity series’ that Calm has introduced to provide global celebrities and their fans with a profound and individual experience creating a deeper connection.

Fans are gushing over Harry Styles’s bedtime stories:


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