The creativity that content creation brings out of me is what excites me the most about content creation.” – Harsh Rane

The scope of being a content creator and having the chance to grow and do something they like only keeps becoming a reality. Over time, we have seen some gems of talent emerge that we might have otherwise missed recognising. Audiences’ attention may have shifted from a 3-4 min video to a 15-sec video but the want to see new talent and good content remains the same. They know and appreciate every talent no matter where they come from, as long as they get to enjoy watching them. One talent that made it to all our mini-screens, thanks to our growing love for content creators in India is creator and actor, Harsh Rane.

Despite 2020 being a terrible year for the world, one positive that came out of it was many people getting the chance to grow and try their hand at short-video platforms like Reels. It took off, especially with the ban of another popular app. People began trying their hand at creating videos and making the most of the features and the traction that it brought with it. Harsh Rane, who always wanted to be an actor and pursue his dreams of appearing on the big screen, saw his plans being pushed when COVID-19 hit the world. With nothing at hand and no clue about the future, he discovered Reels and the potential of it being a platform for him to continue doing what he loves – acting.

The creator saw quite a few milestones over the past two years. From growing exponentially on Instagram, becoming a part of the reality show – Playground along with other digital creators and also being a part of upcoming movies and TV shows. He will be making a cameo in Ranbir Kapoor starrer Brahmastra, in another movie, Harami starring Emran Hashmi that is yet to release in India. Apart from movies, Harsh is also a part of the web series, Hutatma on Zee5 and Ray on Netflix. We sat down with the creator to discuss his content creation journey and more.

How did your content journey begin? 

All of my future projects were pushed back as a result of COVID-19. I had no idea what to do. I was randomly scrolling through Instagram reels one day when it occurred to me that I should do something similar for my own entertainment, and thus my journey into content creation began. The audience began to love me and I received a positive response, so I decided to be more consistent, and I began to achieve many milestones that I had not anticipated.

What excites you the most about content creation?

“The creativity that content creation brings out of me is what excites me the most about content creation. It’s a daily challenge to come up with new and interesting ideas that everyone will like and accept.”

You grew exponentially in the last two years on social media. Did the lockdown have an impact on the kind of content you want to put out there?

“I believe the lockdown helped me reach a much larger audience because everyone was on the internet looking for entertainment to keep the boredom at bay.”

What does your regular social media consumption look like? What apps or platforms do you visit the most?

I use Instagram the most and other apps that I use on a daily basis are WhatsApp, VN, Bgmi.

Brahmastra is a movie everyone has been waiting for and you did a cameo in the same. Can you talk about it and how did it happen?

So, basically, I always wanted to be an actor and was auditioning for it when I got a call from Dharma Productions for a cameo in Brahmastra. It was my first screen opportunity to showcase my talent with such a large production house, director, and co-actors. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity. It has taught and drawn me to become the person I am today.

Web series are the new big thing in Indian entertainment. You’re also part of Hutatma on Zee Five and Ray on Netflix. How do you think web series have changed the way the audience enjoys content?

A web series, in my opinion, is a way to showcase something that a 2-hour 30-minute movie cannot. Web series are also well received by the audience.

What makes creating content on these apps different from any other platform? 

The features that these apps have made them easier to use, and they keep upgrading. For example, initially, IGTV videos were popular, but as they learned about their audiences and their needs, they shortened the format to reels, which I believe is benefiting us.

How is it being a part of a reality show like Playground? What was the experience like and what kind of reactions have you been receiving from your audience?

Playground is one of the best shows, and it’s an honour to be a part of it with such great mentors. It was fun, and different, I made a lot of friends, and I learned how to play a few games. My audiences were extremely supportive while I was in the house, and I received the expected positive response.

Are there any other creators whose content you always look up to?

Of course, everyone is doing their best, but I mostly look up to my content and continue to upgrade myself and push to new levels of my limits.

Are there any projects that you are working on that you would like to share with us?

I’m currently only focusing on my content creation.

Do check out his Instagram for some guaranteed fun!

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