We got into a chat with content creator and reviewer Harsh Vardhan. Check out all the things that interest him and what motivates him to create interesting content online.

Harsh Vardhan, aka the Social Keeda, is a content creator who finds his muse in food, gadgets or any new and innovative products introduced in the market. He has been enjoying creating content around anything and everything interesting and is making the social media world an interesting place to be a part of. From randomly tweeting and reviewing to being approached by brands, Harsh’s social (media) status is only growing. We had a quick chat with Harsh Vardhan and here’s what he shared about his life in the social media world.

Take a look at our conversation with Harsh Vardhan:

1. When did you start creating content and what inspired you to begin?

“Being from an engineering background, I was working as an intern in a telecom company and in my spare time, I used to write blogs related to tech and travel. At the same time, I became active on twitter and after few months, a few brands started reaching out to me for barter as well as paid associations saying they liked my style of tweeting as well as my blog. Very quickly, I began posting content for myself and brands and since my primary focus was mainly on lifestyle content, I started getting a good response.”

2. What makes your content stand out?

“I have always believed that it’s better to work with fewer brands, but the content should be deeper and more engaging. My audience can clearly see my love for certain brands which I feel is the truest and most meaningful form of brand ambassadorship.”

3. How do you choose what to promote on your feed and what not to?

“I don’t take on collaborations about campaigns if I feel like I can’t do justice, or it doesn’t fit my aesthetic. I grew my following by being authentic and I always try to follow the same.”

4. One instance or experience that made it all worthwhile?

“I really love when brands respect and love your content and they value your relationship with them. My one such experience was on my trip to Andaman and it was so well planned that it made me feel, this is the best job I can do. Moreover, working with some of my favourite brands like BMW and Google really motivated me to achieve more.”

5. What does a regular day look like for you?

“It’s all about creating good content, editing pictures that I have clicked, replying to emails, calls and Whatsapp messages and finishing my work as per deadline.”

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6. How do you make moolahs?

“I always believe hard work and meaningful content always attract brands and I have been getting good moolahs for my efforts although there has been a little decline in paid collaborations these days and brands are more interested in barter.”

7. Where do you get ideas for your videos from?

“I am very much active on social media and it always helps me in getting creative ideas for my videos.”

8. Weirdest brief ever received?

“Luckily, I haven’t received many but recently I remember getting an email from a reputed PR agency with a long list of deliverables and I was surprised to know that they don’t even have the money to arrange for a cab.”

9. If not an influencer, what would you be?

“If not an influencer, I would have been surely working with a tech company as I love playing with gadgets.”

10. Any message that you’d like to share with upcoming bloggers?

“Be authentic. Stay true to yourself and success will surely reach you.”

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Here’s how the tech-loving content creator responded to our instant-responses section:

One celebrity you want to collaborate with?

“Rajiv Makhni for tech and Shenaz Treasury for travel.”

Your favourite Influencer?

“I have been closely following Savi & Vid (@bruisedpassports) and I love the way they travel to some of the most beautiful places around the world and document their trips on Instagram.”

Weirdest or funniest comment you have received?

“I don’t remember receiving any weird or funny comments that I can share.”

Harsh Vardhan

You can follow Harsh Vardhan and more of his work on @mrsocialkeeda and drool over his amazing feed too.