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Indian fitness influencer and sports nutrition specialist, Hasti Singh opens up about his fitness journey after winning a Gold Medal as a wrestler.

For some, fitness is not just a part of life, but a career built over years of hard work. Former wrestler and current fitness coach, Hasti Singh built a name for himself and is now helping others by motivating them to lead a healthy lifestyle. An athlete, rehab therapist, motivational speaker, fitness model, personal trainer, sports nutrition specialist, and dietician, Hasti began his journey in the field of fitness and sports merely at the age of ten. He started winning awards and medals after he participated in National Games in 2006 where he won a Gold Medal. He participated in various Wrestling Championships and National Games and won 16 medals. However, after suffering from a knee injury, he had to leave wrestling behind.

Since then, he's been working as a personal trainer and sports nutrition specialist, and dietician for longer than 10 years now. Besides physical fitness and well-being, he's also helping people stay mentally fit through psychiatric counselling sessions. He has represented India in various National and International Body Building and Wrestling Championships and became Mr India 2016. As a fitness model, Hasti Singh participated in the Amateur Olympia in Hong Kong in 2016 and bagged the 7th position. Following that, in 2018 he participated in the Amateur Olympia and won a bronze medal for India. We had the opportunity to talk to Hasti about his fitness journey.


Here's what Hasti Singh had to share:

How did your fitness journey begin?

"My fitness journey began during my childhood when I saw a wrestling fitness academy nearby my house. I saw a lot of athletes exercising and working hard. I got motivation and inspiration from them so I started going there and working out. At the age of 18, I faced a major knee injury during a wrestling championship which eventually led me to knee replacement for both legs. The injury was so fatal that the doctor told me to completely leave the game but I never gave up. I represented India in various National and International Body Building and Wrestling Championships and became Mr. India 2016. With such a headstrong champion as the owner, Hasti Transformation aims to impact more lives and bring a positive change in society."

What does your regular day look like?

"My day starts with the name of God. I pray for some time through which I motivate myself. If I get motivated only then I can motivate others towards their health and fitness. I have a dry fruit shake, and get ready for work and train my clients in-person and online. I go over my notes from the last session with each client and plan the workout before we meet. It's easy for people to feel unenthusiastic before a workout, so it's my responsibility to boost their enthusiasm. After that, I train and eat a meal full of protein, fats, and carbohydrates."

What is the basic misconception that people have when it comes to diet and fitness?

"Actually, this misconception comes from people who don’t know about fitness. People compare fitness with bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is a sport and fitness is a lifestyle. When people come to the gym they look at bodybuilders or trainers on social media and they say they want a body like this but they don’t know that they took a lot of food supplements. People should first decide whether they're interested in bodybuilding or fitness. If we talk about diet, bodybuilders consume 2 gms of protein per intake every day, and science says that a normal person should take 1 gm per intake. So their diet depends on their goals. Another misconception is that people think food supplements cause side effects and they can be dangerous to health. All these things are just a myth. If you take food supplements under the guidance of a fitness expert nothing will happen."

What diet would you recommend to people in order to help them boost their immune system during these times?

"As Indians, we believe in natural homemade food. Organs, cells, tissues, and proteins make up the immune system. In India, several herbs have been utilized for centuries to make Ayurvedic medicine, which can help to boost your immunity. An immunological response is triggered when the immune system comes into contact with a pathogen. Antibodies are released by the immune system, which binds to antigens on infections and kills them. Ashwagandha, turmeric, sheelajit, desi honey, amla, giloy, brahmi, triphala, musli, broccoli, ginger, garlic, green tea, can help to build your immune system."

Can you suggest any vegetarian or vegan protein options to our readers?

"On a vegetarian diet, you can consume paneer, tofu, quinoa salad, soya, beans, and pulses. Actually, it is a myth that you can get protein only by consuming chicken and fish. Veganism is becoming more popular for ethical, environmental, and health reasons. For a vegan diet, you can consume tofu, tempeh and seitan, legumes, nuts, and nut butter, seeds, algae, fruits, and vegetables."

One instance that made it all worthwhile?

"In 2018 I won a bronze medal for India in Amateur Olympia."

As a fitness coach, what would your ideal cheat day menu look like?

"I don’t like the term 'cheat day' because you can eat anything you want, it’s all about your mindset but you have to consume the same amount of calories. The main problem comes when you double your calories by eating outside as well as at home."

If not a fitness coach, what would you have become?

"I think I would be an orthopedic surgeon so that I can help sportsmen who didn't get proper medical facility or guidance because when I got my knee injured, I didn't receive proper consultation but now I am transforming the lives of thousands of people through fitness. My future goal is to open an NGO for disabled people. I will also train people those who don’t have money for free so that they can also win medals for our country."


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