Female gang-rape victim from Hathras, Delhi passes away weeks after being in critical condition. Police officials cremated her body in the middle of the night.

A UP woman gang-raped by four upper-caste men passed away on Tuesday in Delhi. The woman who was in critical condition with critical injuries, multiple fractures, her tongue cut off, and her spinal cord and neck damaged passed away two weeks later. The injuries to her neck had left her paralysed and struggling to breathe. The woman was attacked in her village in Hathras on September 14 at. She said in her statement that she was dragged by her dupatta into the fields from a spot where she had been cutting grass with her mother and brother.

People started protesting and demanding justice for her outside the hospital and on social media. The four attackers have been arrested and will be charged with rape and murder.

Take a look:

A new video has surfaced on the internet which shows the UP police cremating the victim without the presence of the family in the middle of the night. According to a report by NDTV, the family members were allegedly not allowed to have a last look at the victim’s body and it was taken straight for cremation. The brother claimed that the police took the body away without their knowledge after she passed away last night. Relatives also tried to block the ambulance carrying her body as they wished to give her a proper cremation as per the Hindu ritual. Despite their protest, the police took her body and performed the rites.

People shared their outrage over the actions:

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