Check out how the famous video content creation app, TikTok, is helping people bring out their fashionable side with various challenges.

Fashion has always been a form of creative self-expression. For some people, it’s a way to reinvent themselves, and for others, it is an extension of their true personality. Fashion reflects the diversity, and yet it’s personal as its definition changes from person to person! A platform that inspires creativity and brings joy, TikTok is lending itself to users to create creative content to share what fashion means to them in the form of short-videos on favourite looks, styles, trends and tips. Fashion has become a popular theme on TikTok, with some of India’s most popular fashion creators sharing their personal fashion statement on the platform and inspiring millions of users. 

Some of the trending hashtags in the category are #1MinLook (1.8 billion views) as part of which users and celebrities such as Jacqueline Fernandez created a look that she likes under one minute. The other trending hashtag is #FashionWeek (1.1 billion views) where celebrities such as Riteish Deshmukh are tagging to show how they can combine different clothes and accessories in their wardrobes and dress up like it’s fashion week!

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Most recently, #ShoeChallenge has become a popular hashtag on the platform, where users can be seen solving the problem of having too many pairs of footwear. The hashtag has garnered over 780 million views till date with creators such as Shereen Lovebug, Aakriti Rana, Niki MehraKritika KhuranaRishxpress taking #ShoeChallenge. The challenge has a curated playlist that consists of 14 songs for all the sneakerheads, heels lovers and people obsessed with flat footwears!

Popular creators like Natasha Shrotri, House of Misu, Masoom Minawala, Aashna Shroff G among others, have become a fashion inspiration for the 200 million strong TikTok community. Not only creators but also celebrities such as Riteish Deshmukh, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Guru Randhawa have taken to TikTok to share what’s in vogue with their fans. From pairing a dress to the right shoe to pairing a dress with the right mood, they’ve got it all covered.