While the first episode of What The Folks! S4 is out here is how Dice Media is helping you remind all that has happened till now!

What The Folks! is back with its last season, S4 with episode one already released on Dice Media’s YouTube channel on January 22, 2022. But before we get ready to bid goodbye to one of the craziest-interesting shows that tell us about the honest relationships with the in-laws, it’s necessary to go through it all once again, right? And while some of us can afford to go on watching the re-run of three seasons that might not be the case with some. So Dice Media in a really interesting way has come up with a plan to take you through all that has happened through the course of the three seasons of the show. Here is the timeline of the three seasons!

It all started with Nikhil coming over to stay with his wife Anita’s parents and her sister AKA The Sharma Folks! And since then we have also been on a journey with Nikhil and Anita as they figure out their own life troubles, their parent’s lives troubles, and as well as their sibling’s troubles too. It’s been a good and very honest fun-filled journey into a married couple’s familial life. And while we can’t wait for all the episodes of the new season to come out soon here is a short recap of all the seasons. So, these recaps are divided season by season with a voiceover from the artists explaining to you all the important things that happened in that particular season.

Have you watched the first episode of What The Folks! S4 yet or are you waiting for all the episodes to come out to binge-watch the season? Do tell us about your thoughts in the comments below!

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