Here's the creators' update you need after enjoying a long weekend

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Have a look at what our influencers had to share over the long weekend in this week's creators update.

It was an amazing long weekend with us meeting up with our family, relatives, cousins playing games, and celebrating. Even though we had our share of fun, our creators were also making memories of their own. Our favourite creators have become an integral part of our social media so it has become a ritual to check on them no matter how busy we are. Turns out there have been creators who had some exciting news to share with their followers. And if you missed any of them then our creator's update roundup will help you keep with them.

Like fashion influencer, Anthony Gomes will be speaking at Pinterest Creators Festival along with various creators from around the world. And in other news, BBKiVines fans finally got to see the creator back on screen as Bhuvan Bam who has been missing dropped the first episode of his new YT original Dhindoora. Not to forget all the other creators celebrating the festivities in their own way while making content on recent news.

Here's what your creators were upto over the weekend!

Hope you find the motivation to keep going this week!

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