Here's what the creators were upto during the weekend

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T'was yet another festive weekend filled with colors, rangolis and lots of good food! And here's what our favorite did during the vibrant weekend.

The first month of 2022 is halfway through and it totally looks like this year will pass by as fast as the last two years did. Although we're eagerly looking forward to what lies ahead this year, we also enjoy slowing down on the weekends with our aimless scroll sesh to see what creators are up to! After all, some inspiration from them is not too much to ask for, right? Our favorite creators always teach us something in many unknown ways and that's why we love looking at their posts over and over again. Sourav Joshi really inspires us simply because of his humble and down to Earth nature.

From Mithilesh Patankar's birthday to Nagma Mirajkar looking absolutely wonderful in her latest post where she adorned the costumes of other nations, Shlok Shrivastava teaching us why mobile numbers have ten digits and Kusha Kapila giving us a glimpse of her new house and her journey, now that's what we look forward to reading through the week! Here's what our favorite creators were up to over the weekend. Let's watch them hustle! We are not only inspired but also proud to see all of them do so well!

Brush up through this latest creator news over the weekend!

Nagma Mirajkar

Mithilesh Patankar

Sourav Joshi

Shlok Shrivastava

Nischay Malhaan

RJ Abhinav

Shlok Srivastava

Kusha Kapila

Aashna Hegde

Unnati Malharkar

Rhea Gurnani

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