Heritage locations from these creators' feeds will leave you with wanderlust.

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As we wait for things to become less severe, we made a list of heritage locations from these creators' feeds that might make it to your must-visit list (after things get normal and traveling is safe).

Traveling always happens to be one of the major agendas on everyone's list. People are desperately looking for an opportunity for things to go back to normal so they can step out of their homes and travel. Travel itinerary, destination, budget, where to stay, we are on the lookout for all things travel for when the pandemic is done with. And while our travel plans are on standby currently, our favorite travel bloggers are also deeply affected by the pandemic given how difficult it gets to create content when you're unable to travel at all. Heritage locations, new unexplored places, the easiest way to reach there, etc. you name it and they've covered it all. Their feed always managed to take us to new places and helped us plan our vacations and places we can explore by ourselves.

With the new guidelines, we're all back to staying indoors and that couldn't have been easy for these travel bloggers but they're doing their best to keep us engaged by sharing their fondest memories in the form of throwbacks. It's almost like they're taking us through their travel archives. Since heritage locations have their own beauty as they have a story of their own, they have our heart. And our favorite travel influencers have been able to capture the most stunning heritage places from around the world while shedding light on their importance. We made a list of heritage locations visited by our creators that you need to check out.

Check out these locations:

Which one of these are you most tempted to visit next?

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