We’ve explained the hierarchy of friends in any circle with the help of some of our favourite OTT characters. You know which friend you are or where one of your BFFs fit. Take a look!

There is a bunch of people you call friends but only a few qualify as real best friends. It won’t be wrong to say that we all have a special hierarchy of our friends depending on how important they are to us. Come on, we know the ones who we want to and the ones we are forced to call in a sleep-over.

This hierarchy of friends is also based on the situation we are facing. For every situation and moment in our lives, we know which friend to call. It is this diversity that makes life interesting. And even though people say that it is the relationship between lovers that is difficult, we all know that the real difficult relation is letting one of your friend’s group meet the other. We decided to explain this hierarchy of friends better by including some of our favourite characters from OTT shows.

Check out this Hierarchy of friends:

One who we go to find solutions to our problems – Max from Stranger Things

One who will keep all your secrets – Compounder from Mirzapur

One with tons of support to give – Kabir from Bandish Bandits

Ones we take everywhere we go – Klaus from The Umbrella Academy

One who everyone ends up making fun of – Vikas from Panchayat

The one people can’t tell you apart from, the BEST friend – Bhushan from SCAM 1992

One who gets in trouble with you – Gudiya from Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega

One that makes you feel safe – Tara from Made In Heaven

One we will share our Vada Pav with – Katekar from Scared Games

One who will risk their life for you – JK from The Family Man

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