The virtual Twitter Met Gala was as exciting as the Official Met Gala

Aanchal Mohta
May 06, 2020 07:35 IST
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high fashion twitter met gala

Since the Official Met Gala is postponed, an online version called "High Fashion Twitter Met Gala" was hosted on 4th May 2020.

The Official Met Gala is momentarily postponed due to the pandemic and who could have imagined a Twitter Met Gala. However, Aria Olsen, a young girl thought it could be exciting to host her own edition of Met Gala online. Olsen took to Twitter and announced the “High Fashion Twitter Met Gala” on the first Monday of May to which, quite surprisingly, over 800 people officially signed up for participation. Olsen and ten other young women have contributed their time and efforts in organizing the event remotely. All the young women belong to different countries, age group and backgrounds.

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The event broke to the internet on Monday 4th May 2020 for a full 24 hours. The four different categories were: The “Wardrobe Challenge,” for putting together an on-theme look from your own closet; the “Photoset Creation” challenge, for creating mood boards or a fantasy outfit using a collection of images; the “Illustration Expression” challenge, which extends to any medium; and a final category for “Open Creativity.” The funds collected from the online event will be used for charity purposes.

Take a look at How the High Fashion Twitter Met Gala went:

We love the creativity of these participants, what about you?

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