As we all eagerly wait to watch the season finale, we’ve made a list of some of the highlights of all the TFATWS episodes that you need to watch before the finale.

Are you ready? Is you ready? The idea that one can never have enough Marvel content is an unsaid reality. Getting to watch our favourite comic book heroes fight and save the world helps us move past our real world problems and we love it. Fans have been especially excited since Marvel announced its phase four line-up. With WandaVision, they proved that no matter where the stories are streaming, they won’t compromise on the quality. With The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, they’ve only engraved the fact in stone. The show surprised the fans with its quality and incredible character arc. Making Sam struggle with his family business and Bucky go to therapy, MCU has made these characters relatable. As we all eagerly wait to watch the season finale, we’ve made a list of some of the highlights of all TFATWS episodes that you need to watch before the finale.

Check out these highlights from the TFATWS episodes:

Episode 1, “New World Order”

The pilot episode gave us a glimpse of Bucky and Sam’s post blip life. Sam is trying to help his sister Sarah deal with their family boat while Bucky is under therapy. Not to forget Sam’s ‘subtle’ and incredible fight sequence and Bucky’s new friend that he is yet to come clean to.

We get our first introduction to who the flag smashers. We also had James Rhodes aka War Machine make an appearance. The episode ended with the government announcing the new (Walmart) Captain America, John Walker. Oh, did we mention Bucky goes on a date and also takes flowers for the girl? Literal awww moment!

Episode 2, “The Star-Spangled Man”

We are introduced to John Walker, his achievements, and the reasons for being chosen as the New Cap. We also get to meet his buddy Lemar Hoskins aka Battlestar. Bucky and Sam finally team up as they set out to find out about the rebel group, Flag Smashers. And we find out, to Sam’s disappointment, they are not part of the “Big Three” but a revolutionary group fighting against the government for the people who never left during the blip. During the epic street fight and Sam saving Bucky’s ass, the two meet the new cap. The four realise that Flag Smashers are not just any rebel group but super soldiers. John and Lemar suggest that the four-team up, while didn’t seem like a warm idea to our heroes. Fans are also introduced to Isaiah, who was the Black Captain America that no one knew about.

Let's Talk About Sam and Bucky in Couples Therapy

Episode 3, “Power Broker”

Smiling tiger, Winter Soldier, Zemo in fur coats and the purple mask.

The episode saw two of the characters from Civil War make a comeback. While Zemo turned out to be royalty with his own private jet after he ‘hypothetically’ broke free from the prison. We later see Sharon make an appearance in Madripoor, saving our three musketeers, again. We get to know who created the super serum with the suspense on who the Power Boker is being intact. Fans get to see one of the iconic call backs in the episode too. No one pulls the seat up.

Meanwhile, Karli and her troops burn a GRC facility after taking all the supplies for their camps. The episode ends with Bucky finding kimoyo beads with Ayo from the Dora Milaje making an appearance.

Zeemo Dance GIF - Zeemo Dance TheFalcon - Discover & Share GIFs

Episode 4, “The Whole World Is Watching”

The episode began with us getting a small peek of Bucky in Wakanda and him realising that the phrase doesn’t trigger the Winter Soldier anymore. John and Lemor meet the trio wanting to catch Karli. That is when we watch Dora Milaje, who were there to take Zemo alive, kick John’s butt. Also, they can detach Bucky’s arms. Cut to Sam, Bucky and Zemo trying to find Karli to try and stop them from causing any more trouble. While Sam and Bucky think of having a patient chat with the leader of Flag Smashers, John wants to get her arrested.

Karli and Sam meet face to face and have a patient chat only until John intervenes and gets his buddy killed. This leads to the episode ending with a ‘Chills run down our spines’ and we all realise what made Steve special.

Episode 5, “Truth”

After his unexpected street stunt, Sam realises that he should have never given away the shield. Bucky and he have a fight with John and take the shield from him. John is dismissed from being the Captain by the government which does not go well with him. He believes that he was right to kill a man and that he was only doing what the government had always asked him to do. Bucky hands over Zemo to Dora Milaje. Marvel fans get a new character introduced in the episode called Valentina, actually, it’s Valentina Allegra de Fontaine known as Madam Hydra in the Marvel comics.

Sam meets Isaiah for his advice. He goes back home where Bucky brings him a suit, taking favours from his friends in Wakanda. The two bond and we get to see them train with the shield. CAPS on the way!!! Sam gets to know that the Flag Smashers are planning on attacking the UN. What is to happen next is to see!

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier': What's in Sam's Case?

The season finale starts streaming today and according to Marvel, fans will be left crying. Since this has been an epic season you won’t know what to expect in the last episode. Hope Steve makes a visit from the moon!

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