Check out all the hilarious memes that began trending after SRK joined Ajay Devgn in the new Vimal ad.

Every person on the internet and especially meme lovers know that Ajay Devgan has one of the most popular meme templates in his name. Everything Kesari belongs to him. While we have all heard of actors collaborating for movies and making it into the news, this time it is different. Top Bollywood actors Shah Ruk Khan and Ajay Devgn collaborated and came together to star for a mouth freshener in the new Vimal ad and the internet is going nuts over it.

Ajay Devgan and Vimal have always been associated together. The actor has been part of the brand’s ads for quite some time. Having his own meme template is proof enough to know how popular these ads are. Joining him is the King of Bollywood. The actor joined the actor in the new Vimal Elaichi ad and left the fans amazed. The advert only not surprised the fans but also led to a series of hilarious memes to follow and trend online.

Check out these memes on the new Vimal ad:

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