This shawl scene from Sasural Simar Ka is not for the faint-hearted

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Sasural Simar Ka

Check out how Twitter reacted after a 'shawl choking' scene from Sasural Simar Ka became viral.

We belong to a generation that is blessed with platforms that offer great series and shows with gritty and entertaining stories. However, the Indian television scenario was and is quite different. The stories and the way they are executed still continue to leave many perplexed. And the frequent pops of scenes from these TV serials do not surprise us either. The shawl scene from the daily soap, Sasural Simar Ka is just proof of it.

The popular Tv serial that made it to every household and has the homemakers glued to it has some pretty unrealistic screenplay. It is true that one cannot judge a person's imagination, but the level at which these scenes turned out has left us questioning everything in life.

'No Context Violence' on Twitter is one account that shares questionable violent scenes from shows. It was this very handle that brought this shawl scene from, Sasural Simar Ka to everyone's attention, and Twitter had a lot to say.

Indian soaps that gave us stories about naagins and a woman turning into a fly have proved time and again that common sense is not something that one needs while watching them. Who would have thought, that a simple garment like a shawl can "accidentally" cause someone's death? And the mere imagination that a person can somehow find a way to get themselves tangled into someone's shawl and suffocate to death when there is a fair chance of it not happening has left us standing up, slow-clapping as logic evades us. Twitter shared their reaction to the video and we are in complete agreement.

Here's how people reacted:

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