Hilarious Valentine's Day tweets for all the single souls!

Sukaina Meghani
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Hilarious Valentine's Day tweets

When we say hilarious valentine's day tweets we mean it! It seems like all the Forever Alone(s) and the Forever Sarcastic(s) got on Twitter for the perfect date.

(Disclaimer: This article has been penned down for spreading smiles & bringing the community of unaccompanied, strikingly smart people come together in solidarity on the occasion of otherwise known as "Single Awareness Day")

If you started the year on a single note or never found the right one throughout these years, you’d be dreading the V-Day that is at our disposal. Well, you’re not alone. There are thousands chanting –

Stupid Cupid

If you’re feeling sad about being #ForeverAlone, channel your inner Leslie Knope and celebrate Galentines OR Balentines with these tweets.

Well, looks like Zakir Khan found the perfect representation of #HaqSeSingle

We feel you

I doubt Vodka is the answer but I guess it's worth a shot.

Story of your life too?

<3 is shaped like a Pizza for a reason, bruh

Friendly reminder

Let it go, buddy

Sailing in the same boat

Loversgram much?

You're not alone

The only reason I'm looking forward to 14th February


If you have more to add, comment below and we’ll keep them adding ;)

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