A draft New Educational Policy was recently released and received a lot of backlash. The policy suggested that Hindi should be made a mandatory third language in schools. According to it, students in the Hindi-speaking states should learn a new third language, and those in non-Hindi-speaking states should learn Hindi. Immediately, it was met with criticism by netizens.

As soon as this was released, Hindi Is Not The National Language started trending on Twitter. Politicians such as Raj Thackeray, Shashi Tharoor, Nirmala Sitharaman among others also spoke up on the matter. In fact, Sitharaman posted his tweet in Tamil to pacify the situation. Translating it brought out the message that people should not get angry just yet. It is a draft policy and would only be implemented after considering people’s opinions.

People started putting up opinions about how Hindi is just another language, and not the National Language. It should not be forced or imposed upon any section of the people. This uproar is especially being in seen in the Tamilian community.

Looking at people’s reactions, BJP reminded that it is a draft policy and no language will be imposed forcefully.

While the majority of citizens are of the opinion that this policy shouldn’t come into practice as everyone is free to or not to learn any language; there is also a segment that thinks it’s harmless, if the Hindi speaking public also learns some other regional language. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.