We’ve all heard of fringe benefits, now get ready for Hinge benefits! The new dating app, Hinge promises to make the whole dating game a little more personalized, without having to answer thousands of questions.

Hinge, a location based dating app launched in India last week, with a kick-off party at a lounge on the 37th floor of a prominent South Mumbai hotel. Each entrant was given a little card with a shape on it, and was asked to find the other person with the same shape. Not long ago, we used to try and put real world practices into the online world. Now, we’re putting online practices into the real world. It is apparent how technology and social media have influenced the evolution of the human race!

The concept Hinge follows is similar to another dating app, in that you log in via Facebook, and choose to pass or like whoever populates in your feed, but that is where the similarities end.

Hinge is far more personalized, and gives you more information about the person. The most interesting aspect is that the people who appear on your feed are friends of friends. It’s the closest thing to meeting someone at a party, and then taking it forward. The connections are also more compatible since Facebook information about the user is used to pop up recommendations.

The Hinge app gives new meaning to being social online! So go on, try it, and get dating!