Friday Streaming - 'HIT the first case' on Netflix shines a light on what PTSD looks like for cops working round the clock in a corrupt system like ours

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HIT the first case

Throwing up after seeing a dead corpse, not being able to keep calm during an interrogation, and getting flashbacks of your last case gone wrong, 'HIT the first case' highlights the multiple facets of being an officer!

A Hindi remake of a Telugu film by the same name, HIT the first case keeps you captivated if not at the edge of your seat by giving you the very many emotions of a Homicide Intervention Team officer who's driven by past trauma and frustration caused by reaching dead ends in a kidnapping case that also involves his girlfriend. PS. Keep an eye out for Shilpa Shukla in this murder mystery!

Cast - Rajkumar Rao plays Vikram Jaisingh, a HIT officer who hasn't learned to heal and move on from his rather scarring past. Sanya Malhotra plays Neha Mehta, a fellow HIT officer, and his girlfriend.

Storyline - Driven by fear, anxiety, and panic attacks caused by an incident in his past, it's safe to say that Vikram Jaisingh isn't really fit to work on active cases that the HIT receives, a fact that his psychologist shares with him and his girlfriend. After being forced to take a leave for a few months to recuperate, Vikram has been off duty when a girl goes missing in Hyderabad followed by similar news of his girlfriend, Neha being abducted. Feeling guilty over not returning her calls for the past few months, Vikram who is still suffering from PTSD goes back to work with the aim of solving both these cases that seem to be interrelated.

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Watch the trailer here!

What I liked - It's so refreshing to watch a film that talks about the toll an officer's job takes on a person without glorifying it. HIT the first case calls it as it is! Rajkumar Rao carries this film single-handedly with his incredible portrayal of Vikram Jaisingh, a cop who is unable to move past his trauma and isn't quite sure how to live with it either. Watching people get panic attacks onscreen feels like a part of us is finally being represented!

What I didn't quite like - Nothing is spoken about Vikram's painful past after giving us glimpses into it all throughout the 132 minutes of this film. Regardless of a sequel coming up, this bit leaves you frustrated at the end when you realize that this is it! Sanya Malhotra, Milind Gunaji, Dalip Tahil, and Shilpa Shukla needed fleshed-out roles to do justice to this movie. As interesting as this murder mystery was, the end was a tad disappointing!

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