Friday Streaming - Holidate on Netflix is a rom-com minus the romance or comedy

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Directed by John Whitesell, Holidate sadly doesn't go beyond being a silly and superficial 'trying hard to be' rom-com, when it could be so much more!

Starring Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey, Holidate says nothing about anything! The title holds the meaning of the entire movie because there's literally nothing more to it except gender stereotypes that are so passé. What are these lead protagonists doing between New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day? We have no idea because the film doesn't delve into either of their lives.

Cast - Emma Roberts is seen as Sloane and Luke Bracey plays the role of Jackson, both of who are terribly limited by the script that does them absolutely no favor. The supporting cast sees talented actors who are all stuck playing cliche roles that leave you irritated at best!

Storyline - Sloane hates the holidays because her family leaves absolutely no opportunity in reminding her just how single and pathetic her single life is, which leaves her with a glass of Vodka and a seat at the kid's table at Christmas. In a meet-cute, she bumps into Jackson at the mall and the two get into a conversation about who hates the holidays more and Jackson suggests that the two of them should pair up through the year but solely on all kinds of holidays.

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What I Iiked - Luke Bracey!

What I didn't quite like - None of the characters are likable in the least, including our underutilized main protagonists. Holidate doesn't tap into the full potential of Sloane and Jackson thanks to an awkward pace that simply stays still. This movie reminds you that while every holiday-themed movie usually has a similar context, it's easy to go wrong when it's filled with cliches from start to end with a plot that's borrowed from multiple movies in the same genre, all shoved together and dialogues that leave you rolling your eyes. There isn't a single scene that makes you feel warm or pretty much anything at all.

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