Honour Bound recites the journey of Sarosh Zaiwalla as an Indian lawyer in a foreign land

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Honour Bound

India's leading lawyer, Sarosh Zaiwalla launched his book Honour Bound which talks about the adventures of an Indian lawyer in English courts.

After its London launch, the highly acclaimed book Honour Bound – Adventures of an Indian Lawyer in the English Courts, was recently released in Mumbai at a special event. The book was released by the illustrious Chairman of the Godrej Group, Mr Adi GodrejThe release was followed by a panel discussion which was a literary feast as it included many aficionados of the writing world. The eminent panellists included the talented author himself Sarosh Zaiwalla and renowned Indian journalist and columnist Bachi Kakaria.

Harper Collins India’s Honour Bound is the official story of one of India’s leading lawyer in the United Kingdom, Sarosh Zaiwalla, the Mumbai-born founder and senior partner of the City of London solicitors’ firm Zaiwalla & Co LLP.

Within this elegantly written, detailed account of legal adventures, success, mishaps, trials and tribulations, Sarosh Zaiwalla’s story spotlights the journey of an Indian solicitor vying for the biggest cases overseas as a non-English national. His memoirs will bring readers closer to the world of a highly successful Indian lawyer in a foreign land, with an international client base. It is an insightful diary of the adventures of the international law firm based at the heart of London’s legal district. Honour Bounds recites the company’s most high profile, challenging and controversial cases, as Sarosh Zaiwalla shares his wealth of engrossing anecdotes.

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