HOTD episode 8 is that explosive mind-boggling heartbreaking episode in which usually a war begins

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HOTD episode 8

We know that in House of the Dragon, the Targaryen's rule fell but HOTD episode 8 is that last hook in the nail that will start the journey just like after Ned Stark's death!

Tension is running at an all-time high these days in the House of the Dragon. As the politics for the game of thrones have begun in full stride. And from adults to kids, everyone is equally involved in the play. This fast-paced show has taken another leap in time where the kids have grown up and the adults in the name of them have started placing their pieces of the chess. King Viserys I has been brought down to bed completely because of his deteriorating health. It seems like it's time to bid adieu to the old to make space for the new in HOTD episode 8. (spoilers ahead)

The episode starts with the tension of who is going to be the rightful heir to the throne of Driftmark as the Sea Snake (Lord Corlys) is injured in battle. And while his brother, Ser Vaemond is ready to put his claim forth, it was the Sea Snake's wish that Laenor's son, Lucaerys will take the throne as heir. To contest this, Vaemond reaches Kings Landing, and so do Rhaenyra, Daemon, and their children. The look of which has changed just as the same as King Viserys I, who looks like a skeleton. During the Driftmark succession hearing, Otto Hightower sits on the Iron Throne, and plans along with Alicent, to side with Ser Vaemond's petition. Even though Viserys is barely able to stand, to stand up for his daughter, he bursts into the room and changes the course of the direction after hearing about Rhaenys, and the marriage proposals of Rhaenyra's son with Daemon's daughter. Angered by all of this, Vaemond calls out Rahenyra by calling her sons bastards. He also called her a whore, and that's when Daemon slashes his head with a sword. Later on, we catch the entire family having supper, all in vain and for Viserys' sake for whom it looks like the last supper. While blurting out half the prophecy to Alicent, thinking she was Rhaenyra, he dies.

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This episode of House of the Dragon had a lot to take in. Just when we were adjusting to the new faces brought in by the leap the show takes, another new leap came in, bringing in new faces. And the bar of tension is already raised and is felt throughout the episode. It opens with an extremely interesting shot, as the camera slowly starts to move from behind the throne of Driftmark, placing Rhaenys at a certain angle. Establishing the Driftmark succession through a hiccup of a play in the large scheme of things is going to play a vital role in this game of thrones.

It's been six years, and much has changed since the last episode, and no it's not just the new actors. But the look of Kings Landing has changed because, as rightly pointed out by Rhaenyra "run by those wipers". The crest of Targearyens has been replaced with the seven-pointed star of the Seven, and now GoT fans know where they can relate these things(the Faith of the Seven, High Septon). And just as the structures of the palace have been changed so have its workings from Otto Hightower and Alicent taking the reigns into their hands as King Viserys is bedridden.

It's heartbreaking to see Viserys in such a struggling bad shape, even with Rhaenyra's newly born kids. He can barely utter a word properly, and to see him walk into the hall of Kings Landings to struggle to go up to Iron Throne is heartbreaking. Paddy Considine has done exceptionally in this episode! Even during his last time, his undying love for his daughter, and only wanting to be with his family is what truly tugs at your heart, that's the kind of king he was. That scene where Rhaenyra shares the burden of the crown will bring a lump in your throat in this otherwise game of thrones.

Other than Viserys' death, there's a lot that happened from more incestual marriages being announced, a beheading, the very thrilling last supper, to a rape that's hidden with money and mere moments of Rhaenyra and Alicent's friendship again and the adrenaline rushing end. Each and everything works towards the war waiting to happen in the next episode. Though the beheading, the end, and Aemond and Daemon make up for a pulsating watch but keeping everyone's name as Aegon is fairly confusing as so many memes point out. And while it's a show that has been set up in quite a fictional world of a great many moons ago, some things make it very real in the present especially the common struggles of women in a patriarchal society where they are just reduced to their bodies rather than being human.

HOTD is just left with two more episodes and the excitement has become way too real to see what's going to happen and groups have already been formed. Even the age of the actors is a disturbing factor as Ser Criston and Daemon don't seem to have aged since Rhaenyra and Alicent have been kids and the new kids' entries look just as old as their mothers. Yet the show with its world-building is so perfectly built up that you can't help but get lost in it. And just as Aegon reminds you of Joffery and Alicent of Cersei, they still stand on their own grounds and are worlds apart from each other. It's the same with GoT and HotD.

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