House of the Dragon episode 3 is full of fights on the battlefield and with oneself!

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House of the Dragon episode 3

In House of the Dragon episode 3, King Viserys I is fighting between being a father and a king while Princess Rhaenyra is fighting to prove herself worthy irrespective of being a woman. We see Prince Daemon busy fighting on the battlefield.

Frankly, after a bit disappointing episode 2 where neither the political conspiracies nor the actions could not match the expectation that the show set for itself after the premiere episode, it seems like House of the Dragon episode 3 is redeeming itself. While delving deeper into the internal struggle of the Targaryen blood, the show talks about the battle going on outside on the stepstones that cannot be ignored anymore. From dragons breathing fire and causing havoc on the battlefield to a white-haired young woman proving herself to be deemed worthy while the men in power conspire for the Iron Throne, HOTD unfolds yet another chapter. This time the show is doing a far better job in finding its own rhythm though the rogue prince (Matt Smith) is quite the scene stealer. (SPOILER ALERT!)

With a time jump, the new young male bloodline of King Viserys I is born, Aegon Targaryen. Even though "the end is clear" it is definitely true that "the road ahead is uncertain". The King is fighting his own struggle between being a father and staying true to his duties as a leader of the realm. While his daughter, Princess Rhaenyra is tired of trying to prove herself worthy to the Iron Thron for which she has been named heir but her being a woman never leaves anyone's mind. As far as Prince Daemon is concerned, he's busy fighting the battle with the crabfeeder at the stepstones which form for an exciting end of the episode. Though Alicent is proving herself to be quite the woman who understands the position she is at and utilizes it best as a woman behind the wheel churning it through a man.

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The end fight of the rogue prince (where he arises as a complete hero) with the crabfeeder makes up for an exciting watch that brings back chills from watching Game of Thrones. Even Rhaenyra's kill and then walking down drenched in blood with her head held high makes for a powerful entry just like Daneyers Targaryen walking out of the fire. Though this episode was also not free of crazy and incestual marriage proposals which is the trademark of being a Targaryen and of GoT, it was interesting to see a King being a father who worries about his daughter and wants to protect her with all his might. And a friend who is stuck with all the politics but hasn't really left the side of her friend and isn't afraid to advise the king and be the mastermind behind it all.

Even though the episode is interesting in all its humanized flavor it's still busy setting up the precedence to mark the end of the Targaryen dynasty. The show leaves no chance to make use of the metaphor Fire and Blood, whether it's a dragon breathing out fire or Targaryens drenched in blood. But the larger question still hangs in balance - will Rhaenyra become more of a man to become worthy? And if it's the only way to enter into the realm whose rules are made by men? Though when she lets the stag go compared to her father who killed a stag irrespective of not liking it one bit, she presents herself as the true heir and different from them all. But is that what people will accept, a woman governing them? My guess is as good as yours but surely the game of House of the Dragon has definitely become more interesting through episode 3!

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