Twitter discussed how God created animals and it seems to make sense!

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God created animals

Ever wondered of the scenes up in the heavens when God was brainstorming all the various animals and other creatures on the planet? Do you wonder what went on in his head when God created animals?

I mean can you imagine giving all the animals and birds two or four legs, and just being plain nasty towards snakes? What if God created animals when he was just bored and wanted to shake things up a bit! Have you ever thought of that? No, you’re selfish and probably never even wondered why spiders have a butt rope! Hahaha

These hilarious series of tweets capture the imaginary scenarios where God and his angels were brainstorming animal ideas and God just decided to have fun. From a Praying Mantis, to a Panda, we wish this is how God created animals!

1. *grunts*

God created animals

2. Actually, this impulse exists in pretty much every species there is.God created animals

3. Make it slow and let him live a thousand years.God created animals

4. I hate Hyenas.God created animals

5. Oh honey!God created animals

6. Butt rope hahahahaGod created animals

7. Surfboard mouth on a big pigeon. Genius.God created animals

8. Whoa God created animals

9. Been there, attacked by that. God created animals

10. Smaller than a cat, bigger than a rat. Fits in a purse. Difficult to spell. Paris Hilton.

God created animals

11. and he eats chillies. God created animals

12. and they sniff each others' buttsGod created animals

13. Yeah thanks a lot God!God created animals

14. Cow bears. Repeat after me. Cow bears. Cow bears. Cow bears.

God created animals

15. Give it really short legs and make it run. 

God created animals

16. Create a day for an entire country to kill it. God created animals

17. Just a throat.God created animals


18. Yeah guys, that's us.God created animals

All the screenshots have been taken from the Facebook page, People of Tumblr.

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