The latest cutout edits are a beautiful challenge to every user's editing skills, and we love it

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Cutout edits are taking over Instagram reels, and we are all eyes for it. Don't forget to try it out if you can.

Instagram reels is that one short-video platform that not everyone was a fan of when the feature was first introduced but grew to become fond of over time. Today, half of our day ends with us scrolling through the Reels, enjoying every 15-sec video. Watching a trend on repeat, trying to recreate it, and failing miserably but never giving up on the dream has become the core of our lives now. We enjoy spending all that time on Instagram and live with zero regrets. Good for us. While the challenges and trends are always part of what makes the internet - the internet, people who love making everything look beautiful always end up taking the space. And the recent cinematic or cutout edits on reels are something that is or should be the talk of the town.

Aesthetic reels have always had their own charm. These pictures and videos are hard to ignore. They are pleasing to the eyes and make us want to appreciate all the good things around us. The people who share them have the talent to make everything beautiful, making us want more of these videos. Among all these soothing videos, the one trend that is taking up is the cutout edit. We have all grown to start loving the mini vlogs, and giving these videos a twist makes it 10x better. The perfect Pinterest and Instagram combo of this trend might be the new way to do film dumps. But if you are photosensitive, you may want to be warned before watching these reels. We made a list of these cutout edits, and if you love it and wish to try it, scroll to the end to watch a tutorial by bloggers Aakriti Rana and Jia.

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Here's your answer to what's trending?!

While people have created these videos in Photoshop, not everyone is well-versed with the software. We are always on the lookout for apps that can help us create these videos. Every time we come across such a video we end up in the comment section to see if people have asked how they edited it and if the creator has answered the question. Aakriti Rana decided to make a tutorial reel for this video where she shares ways to do the edit on PicsArt while blogger Jia shows us how to use MagicEraser app to create the cutout edit by yourself.

So, are you willing to try this out?

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