Friday Streaming - A failed relationship ≠ failing in life is the biggest takeaway from Amazon Prime Video's I Want You Back

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I want you back

Watch I Want You Back for Charlie Day and Jenny Slate's spectacular 'sadness sisters' chemistry if not for how much of yourself you can see in their characters.

I have yet to come across a person who didn't question everything in life after being dumped! Living in denial, plotting to win them back, and endless nights of sitting with a tub of ice cream and crying over what could have been, seriously, breakups are the worst! Ugh! Directed by Jason Orley, this yet another break-up centric rom-com is rather sweet and sensitive unlike most films from the same genre and while its premise is based on manipulative ways to get an ex-partner back, it portrays healing from a broken heart in the most subtle manner.

Cast - Charlie Day as Peter is funny, likable and he's one of those people you can talk to rather easily in spite of being total strangers. Jenny Slate as Emma made I Want You Back so watchable. She's a constant work in progress and she owns it. Gina Rodriguez as Anne takes you back to her character in Jane the Virgin. (Scott Eastwood) Noah initially reminds you of that douche of an ex-boyfriend we've all had some time or the other in our lives.

Storyline - After being dumped by their respective partners on the same weekend, Emma and Peter's meet-cute was on the staircase at their workplace where they found each other ugly crying. Super-easy-to-talk-to Peter asked Emma if she'd like to discuss her breakup and the two of them quickly bonded over a broken heart and self-worth issues that rise each time someone breaks up with us out of the blue. Over endless drinks and a karaoke session, Emma and Peter devised a plan that sounds morally plausible only during a conversation with a best friend - sabotaging their exes' new relationships to win them back and have their happily ever after!

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What I liked - Our protagonists bond over a broken heart and somewhere along the journey, they figure out what went wrong and what they need to do for themselves. The super subtle focus on one's journey of self-discovery, and working on a relationship with oneself that isn't based on self-hate is so refreshing to watch. Jenny Slate as Emma is an absolute treat, before you know it, you're in love with how easily and completely she's herself.

What I didn't quite like - The plot felt a tad too long and forced, especially scenes that were aimed for comedy. While Emma and Peter shared natural chemistry, it was far too platonic to turn into anything more than friendship.

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