Celebrating the duo Ilayaraja-Mani Ratnam and their magical creations

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Ilayaraja-Mani Ratnam

Indian cinema will forever be grateful to the iconic duo of Ilayaraja-Mani Ratnam for giving us a lifetime of amazing masterpieces. As we celebrate their birthdays, we take a look back at some of their iconic collaborations.

Music is a language that is understood by millions. It is the language that speaks to the soul. It takes artists with incredible talent to take it to the people. Music in Indian cinema has always played a major role in developing a movie. Movies go on to be known and recognised by the astounding BGM that becomes the heart of the film. While it is the music director who plays the music for us, the director of the movie is to also be credited for the same. He is the one who delivers an impactful scene to the music director for him to create a brilliant piece. There have been many such notable partnerships that went on to become historic. And when discussing the same it is hard to ignore the most magical combo that the Indian film industry has produced, Ilayaraja-Mani Ratnam.

While one is a musical maestro the other is known for his splendid visual artistry. The Tamil industry or the Indian cinema at large had its share of a golden era when this duo collaborated to produce some every iconic music and movies. Their combination is has produced and contributed immensely to the film industry. Their creations continue to inspire many young talents to give their best. And their collaboration is something people would all love to experience again.

Listen to these classic gems by Ilayaraja-Mani Ratnam:

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Wishing both the legends a very happy birthday!

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