10 Sureshot Ways to Impress Your Boss On Social Media

Ashwin Mathew
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10 Sureshot Ways to Impress Your Boss On Social Media

When it dawns on you that being a hard worker and ultra-efficient means very little, we tend to find ways to find short cuts to impressing the boss. These tactics might just put you ahead of all the other little ants in the office.

1. Posting Informative links to the Company Facebook page

Posting links related to your company’s industry that provides a good read might make your boss think you spend ALL of your time thinking about the job. Who else does that?

2. Tagging ONLY your boss on team photos

I agree ‘ sneaky. But tagging ONLY your boss on team pictures taken together makes sure it comes up on his feed first. What a team player you are! A definite win over the slow and unassuming colleagues. Ha!

'You should agree with me, but not all the time, Try mixing it up a little,' 

3. Tagging ONLY pictures of yourself wearing a company branded t-shirt

There are brand promoters and then there is someone like you. Social media seems to magically show pictures of you in t-shirts that are company branded. What an asset you are to the future of this company! (Sarcasm intended)

4. Sharing and commenting heavily ONLY on your Boss’ posts

Nothing else in this world seems to interest you as much as the posts and shares made by your boss. Only YOU see the humour in his pathetic jokes and boring motivational posts.

5. Posting motivational images and content on social media

You know those really soppy and eye-rolling messages you find shared on Facebook? Well, as annoying as it is for the rest of society, these could potentially impress your boss. What are you waiting for? Start googling them.

6. Tweeting from various locations across the office

There is only one person in this office who shows the kind of dedication your office needs. That’s you. Other than your boss of course. Tweeting your exact current location, whether the restroom, photocopier room or elevator, you are that one person who’s everywhere and nowhere.

image 2

7. Instagramming canteen food

If your boss thought you were positive, then uploading images of your office canteen food that tastes more like prison gruel, is likely to make him think even better.

8. ‘Poking’ your boss on Facebook

This Facebook feature makes your boss realize you’re thinking about him ALL the time. Of course, this could be negatively perceived. I don’t accept any responsibility for the outcome this may have.

9. Posting anti-game messages before anyone else does

Even if you love games on Facebook, it’s important to make sure you boss knows how much you hate them. Let alone realize how much of a waste of time they are. This indirectly purposes your boss to think you are way more efficient and time-oriented than you really are!

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10. Tweeting about how Monday mornings energize you

While the rest of the office lumbers to work, you should be the first one in office and tweeting about how much you’ve anticipated the week to begin. This unsubtle and extremely annoying approach will even blind your boss in amazement.

However awesome these may prove to your boss and career, this article takes no responsibility for the silence you will experience when walking into a room of colleagues.

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