The most awaited Cricket World Cup match till now, i.e., India Vs Pakistan was played yesterday and we all know how that went! India played a great innings, and Pakistan, well, let’s just let their country speak for that!

Fortunately, the rain Gods were not too harsh this Sunday and the match that entire world was eagerly waiting for could be played without many hurdles. India made a glorious score of 336; and luckily for Pakistan, the target had to be brought down to 302 due to rains. The team wasn’t able to chase that and made a total of 212, and thus lost the match.

On the contrary, the tweets by Pakistanis on Twitter were absolute gold and won over everyone with their humor and wit. And more importantly, because they took the defeat in stride!

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These were absolutely hilarious and we hope for their own sake, the Pakistan team plays well in the future!