India has a YouTuber hub, and it's not our famous city, but a village in Chattisgarh instead!

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With 1000 YouTubers from their total population of 3000, Tulsi village in Chattisgarh is the new YouTuber hub in India.

The content creation community is so vast and diverse that it's hard for us to put boundaries on where every person comes from. But when you think of associating a place with our content creators and YouTubers, only popular cities come to mind. Delhi, Mumbai, and Banglore always take the cake. But these big cities do not always produce all of our digital celebrities. The small village of Tulsi in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, is an apt example of India's growing content community.

Who would have thought that a village in India would end up having 30% of the population choose YouTube as a full-time career? No one! But it's a mindblowing reality. The village has a population of around 3,000, and 1,000 of them are YouTubers.

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One would wonder how the people of this village turned to Youtube as a full-time career. It was the friend duo Gyanendra Shukla and Jai Verma who inspired future YouTubers. The two who quit their jobs started making YouTube videos in the village. They have made more than 250 videos on his channel and have 1.15 lakh subscribers. Gyanendra worked as a network engineer at SBI while Jai Verma was a part-time teacher at a private coaching center. The two, who also used to watch their fair share of YouTube, decided to try their hand at making videos and ended up realizing that they earn more than they did at their previous jobs. Today the village is a pool of YouTubers making videos, engaging digital content from shows, short films, and other video content.

Talking to ANI about how they inspired her to join this new world, YouTuber, Pinky Sahu said, "It has been 1.5 yrs since I started. We've around 40 YouTube channels. Everyone here participates. Women here are generally not allowed to step out of houses but through our YouTube channel, we have given them a lot of info that girls too can do something."

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Chhattisgarh | Tulsi Village in Raipur turns into a YouTubers' hub, with a large number of locals creating content for the online video sharing and social media platform and having their own channel on it.

Locals create content for both educational and entertainment purposes.

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It's true! For audiences like us, the only thing that matters is how well they do their job in the 9:16 frame.

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