From music to food to giving health tips women are creating their own place on Youtube with their unique and entertaining content. Check out these Indian female YouTubers who are making it big for themselves on YouTube.

Before OTT platforms gained popularity, Youtube was the only source of video entertainment. Although YouTube still continues to be an audience favourite, this platform has grown over the years with many becoming an active part of the YouTube community by creating interesting and entertaining content. Content creators from India have also made their mark on this platform and we are sure even Pewdiepie won’t deny it. Apart from the amazing content that one gets to enjoy on it, one thing that makes it more special is the fact that this list of Indian creators includes many talented female YouTubers. We have listed down these Indian female YouTubers because any reason is a good reason to celebrate women.

Here’s the list of Indian female YouTubers you must know:

MostlySane – Comedian

Nisha Madhulika – Food

Vidya Iyer – Music

Lily Singh, iiSuperwomenii – Comedian

Rickshawali (Anisha Dixit) – Entertainment

Team Naach – Dance

Dr. Shalini – Health and Beauty

Pooja Luthra – Health and Beauty

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Kabita’s Kitchen – Food

Sonali Bhadauria – Dance

Shruti Arjun Anand – Beauty and entertainment

Sherry Shroff – Beauty and entertainment

Komal Pandey – Beauty and Fashion

Girliyapa – Entertainment

Shirley Setia – Music

Tanya Khanijow – Travel

Which of these Indian female YouTubers is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below.