These Indian fusion chocolate desserts are a must-try for every Indian who cannot get enough of mithai! Savour these desi sweets with a twist of chocolate.

What is better than a bar of chocolate? Chocolate mithai, of course! We have curated a list of recipes of Indian chocolate desserts to relish. From sweet milk chocolate to rich dark chocolate, these Indian fusion chocolate desserts are every chocolate lover’s dream.

Give your sweet tooth a surprise by trying these super easy chocolate-based Indian desserts. They are great for serving in house parties and even better to binge them all alone.

These creative recipes will surprise you as to how easy-going chocolate can be! The treat in any form tastes delicious, but there are joys and something special about making a homemade desi dessert. These easy and quick chocolate dessert recipes will turn old classic desserts into new sweet savouries.

For a good bite of something chocolatey, try these desserts:


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