Check out these Indian independent music artists who are making it big for themselves in the music industry.

The Indian music scenario is changing, thanks to the internet for providing a platform for artists to show off their talent. Indian music has its own importance and beauty. A clear depiction of our culture, it takes years of practice and dedication for one to deliver their best in it. Although music holds a great place in the culture of our entertainment, the industry was not as successful as it has been in the rest of the world. This scenario is changing with our Indian independent music artists getting their due recognition.

The music industry is witnessing growth and moving forward and away from the monopoly that Bollywood music enjoyed. Artists from across the country are creating their own music and getting a chance to take it to millions online. The world has become their stage and audiences are falling in love with their music. With remixes and plagiarism being openly accepted, these artists are making us believe in art with their own originals. We have made a list of such Indian independent music artists who have touched us with their music.

Check out these Indian independent music artists:

Prateek Kuhad

Anuv Jain



Parekh & Singh

Taba Chake

Thaikkudam Bridge

The Local Train


Ankur Tewari

When Chai Met Toast

Cigarettes After Sex

Masala Coffee

Darshan Raval

Osho Jain

Anupam Roy

Bharat Chauhan


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