Indian mom bloggers who are making life easy for other desi parents

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Indian mom bloggers

Who said social media is not a mom's place? Take a look at these cool Indian mom bloggers who are rocking the internet while making it easy for all desi parents.

Being a mom is not an easy task. We all can agree that moms put in a lot of effort to make our lives easy no matter how many difficulties she may have to face. It is also a known fact that there is no better person than a mom when it comes to multitasking. They just get to do almost every task they have at hand. While social media may seem like a difficult task for many, there are a bunch of Indian supermoms who are doing an amazing job on the internet. We have made a list of such Indian mom bloggers who are helping out their fellow parents with tips and tricks to make their life a bit easy.

Take a look at these Indian mom bloggers:

Anupriya Kapur

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Please read ? So apparently Kabir and I aren’t a “complete family”. Even if you add my dad and two cats. Still not. Not as per one of the brands that approached me recently. Why? Because I ain’t got no man in the house. Now, I consider myself fairly evolved and out and about, meeting the right people who say all the right things and I thought I was above the petty remarks that most single mothers get. But this one got through. And it really hurt and don’t get me wrong it’s not about losing the campaign whatsoever. To think that if a marketing/brand manager of an evolved brand happens to believe this only means that there are tons of people out there who also believe this. And I send out Kabir in that world everyday. It is one of those moments where you get the hope knocked out of you. There’s nothing more devastating than losing hope. And if I can begin to lose hope, imagine the single mothers in different stratas, in smaller towns, in abusive families, in patriarchal societies, in their parents’ homes. What hope do they have? It also made me realise the illusion of social media. For all its good, it can embarrass people into doing the right thing but can it truly change behaviour, beliefs and conditioning?

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Dr. Hema

Prerna Sinha

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#NationalSuperheroDay They say super heroes at home don’t wear capes but mine does. You all know how doting I am when it comes to Ahaan but he has shown such maturity in this lockdown that I am overwhelmed . ?Rather than me telling him all will be ok, he is coming hugging me, kissing me on the forehead ?Helping me in chores♥️ ?Reminding me to keep my phone down and play games with him. ?Giving me cooking goals ?. ?Even helping me shoot content and shoot along with me. ? . He has been my rock as the elder one and hubby are busy with their school and office respectively. So this one is dedicated to him and all the young superheroes we have at home who are patiently waiting along with us. They are the real superheroes.? . Tell us in the comment section below who is your superhero?? . . . #Maaofallblogs #IndianMommyBlogger #MommyOfTwo #KidsOfInstagram #Lockdown2020 #lockdownandbored #MySuperHero #lockdown3extended #mumbaimomtribe #Parenting101 #Parenthood #KidsHelpingMom #KidsBeingMature #mykidismyhero #MyYoungSuperhero #RealSuperhero #youngchefs #therealheroes . . . . . #momlifeisthebestlife via @hashtagexpert . . . .

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Teejay Sidhu

Jhilmil Bhansali

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So we were a lot excited today! ✨As @firstcryintelli is back again with lots of interesting activities on Intelli Summer Camp to help us keep kids engaged constructively . ?And yes, they have also started delivering essentials to your doorstep, with all safety measures at their place, #thankyoufirstcry . So, I've placed my order today? Hurrah! . ✨We're quite excited to check out the new activities and I'll share them with you all too. Till then you too check it out . Mommies @rimjhim378 @cspreeti.g.agrawal @preety_vj @sayeridiary @vartika.mehta have you checked #intelliSummerCamp ? ?And bonus is, you can post a picture of the activity you do from the summer camp using the #intellisummercamp , follow and tag @firstcryintelli and and stand to win an Intellikit worth Rs 1499 ? @firstcryintelli @firstcryindia Get going now! . . . . . . . #intellisummercamp #keepingkidsbusy #socialdistancing #keepthembusy #kidsathome #playandlearn #kidsactivities #activitiesforkids #parentingtips #playbasedlearning #stayathome #summercamp #firstcrydailyessentials #IntelliSummerCamp2020 #crafty #diyactivities #easycrafts #DIY #flattenthecurve #kidsworld #kidsofig #creativemama #creativekids

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Ritcha Verma

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Aanchal Narayan

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THEMUMSTORY TURNS THREE ? In these turbulent times, when Coronavirus has gripped the entire world, I do have something to celebrate ? Themumstory turns three ? This account is almost three and my website is too. What started as a hobby to channelise my emotions became this beautiful second baby to me. And this baby of mine gave me an opportunity to meet amazing women across the world and to work with great brands too. So I wish to thank each one of you for sticking with me through my blogging journey in Mumbai and now here in Angola. I do miss the real blogging and I am trying to get back to the long form of blogging. I really miss writing the long posts ? . I don’t have a date in my mind when I actually made my account on WordPress. But I do remember I started it during Navratras because it is considered auspicious to start a new thing during this period. And while praying yesterday, it struck me that three years ago, I started themumstory right at this time. Let’s celebrate the lunar anniversary till I find the exact date the blog was created ? My brother helped me create the account and then start writing. He used to be my editor initially ? And he is the best. He edited some of my blogs last year too. Thank you @juankaius23 ❤️❤️ . Ending this post by giving a big virtual hug to you all. Thanks you guys for everything ? Stay safe, stay sane ?? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #bloganniversary #bloggerstyle #blogging #bloggersofinstagram #bloggerlife #honestmotherhood #kidsofinstagram #cutekidsclub #momblog #toddlersofinstagram #momlife #mytinymoments #our_everyday_moments #pixel_kids #momblogger #parenthood #parenthood_unveiled #momlifeisthebestlife #littleandbrave #ig_kids #mommyblogger #lovelysquares #livethelittlethings #cameramama #momtruths #raisinglittles #expatmom #instamood #fridayvibes

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Harpreet Suri

Saru Mukherjee Sharma

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As I write this post, I have all mixed feelings running through me. The year took us by surprise and how ! Trying to stay positive as much as possible but being locked in, for God knows how long is no Joke but we NEED to do this regardless of how we feel. . . Biggest challenge is keeping Rudi engaged not because I don't know what activities to do with him, but because I freaking have no time with all the chores, cooking & blog work and when I have a little time, I have no energy ? We're learning everyday how to manage work & all the chores with a kid. He's doing the naughtiest & mischievous things he never done before, he made big holes on our sofa today (which we JUST sold to someone online ?) & throwing things out of the balcony & what not,See my stories in sometime see what I mean. . . Let's just pray & hope that things get better soon. . . How are your kids taking this time ? . #covid_19 #Jantacurfew #IndiaLockedDown #LockedDown2020 #MomAndSon #Indianmomblogger

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Juhi Bansal

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Every photograph ever from our #mommybabytrip in #Switzerland ? . We were in Switzerland for about 2.5 weeks and we stepped out every single day whatever the weather. We braved rains, cold and extreme sunshine (towards the end) for our love for exploration. We also made sure we spent about 5 days exploring Zurich and nearby areas, walking around the old town and trying local cuisine. . . Zurich is extremely kid friendly. Check out the latest article on the blog for some must do things especially if you're travelling with a kid. Link in profile. . . . #visitswitzerland #mommybabytrip # #travel #wanderlust #cbwanderlust #mommytraveller #babytraveller #zurich #seethewholeworld #traveltheworld #rapperswil #knieskinderzoo #travelblogger #momspresso #mumfie

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