The relationship between siblings is full of love. However, Indian cinema has given us some toxic on-screen brothers.

The relationship between most siblings is vibrant, full of love and mischief, and we can go from hiding each other secrets to fighting with each other for the remote in no amount of time. Brothers hold a special place in our hearts. From annoying you and pulling your leg to showering you with love and safety, brothers are unpredictable. However, in this patriarchal society, the line between protective and toxic often gets blurred. Even in cinema, the medium that inspires us so much, heroes who can very well charm us with their love, action and drama can be really toxic brothers if you look at the relationship they share with siblings closely. While this list of toxic on-screen brothers is endless, here’s who made it to the top of this list!

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We wouldn’t want this masculinity around us!

Chulbul Pandey – Dabbang

Chulbul Pandey (Salman Khan) from Dabangg is the dictionary meaning of toxic masculinity. Along with being a toxic police officer, he’s also a toxic man, a weird husband who wins the girl by threatening to slap her, a difficult-to-handle son, and a toxic brother. His stepbrother, Makkhanchand Pandey aka Makkhi is no less. While eventually, they sort out their differences, they are venomous at first. From stealing from your brother to slapping your brother in public, they keep fighting!

10 toxic Indian on-screen brothers whom we definitely don't want in real life!

Yuvraj Vijay Singh – Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Here’s a prince whose half-sisters have to stay outside the castle because he’s not willing to give them their share in the royal property. Property laws of this country are also applicable to royalties, but some men just don’t learn! We’re living in 2022, where we believe in gender equality. So, the stingy Yuvraj Vijay Singh as a brother is a big no.

Ranvir and Rajiv Singh- Race

Two immature men-child who keep fighting against each other to the extent of killing each other are obviously not good brothers. Firstly, Ranvir “gives away” his girlfriend, Sonia to Rajiv because he says he likes her. It’s a woman, not a soft toy; you cannot just pass her on to someone else because they like her better. Secondly, there are so many mind games for money! One is better off without siblings if siblings look like these on-screen brothers.

10 toxic Indian on-screen brothers whom we definitely don't want in real life!

Raja Vikram, Surendra, and Vinay Singh- Anari

I vaguely remember the plot of this Karishma Kapoor starrer but I remember watching it in my childhood. It would often air on Set Max. However, what I do remember is the toxicity of Raj Nandini’s (Karishma Kapoor) brothers. Her brothers, the rich landlords, would not allow her to step outside of their house. When she did go out, it would be in full protection and the entire village would be shut down. No one was allowed to look at her. If anybody committed the crime of looking at her face, their hair and face would be forcefully shaved off. Siblings, and families in general, are protective, especially of the youngest child. But keeping them from making decisions for themselves and wanting to kill someone who looks at them is beyond acceptable.

Major Krishna Rao- Housefull

Once again, we have an over-protective brother. Sandy (Deepika Padukone) has to constantly lie about her boyfriend, Aarush’s (Akshay Kumar) status to Krishna (Arjun Rampal) so that he will allow them to get married. He constantly berates Aarush and treats him in a cruel manner doubting him at every turn. He treats Sandy as if she’s not mature enough to know what’s right for her. He even goes to the extent of using a lie detector to test Aarush. Major Krishna Rao is the textbook definition of a brother you’d want to stay away from!

10 toxic Indian on-screen brothers whom we definitely don't want in real life!

Rahul and Arjun Kapoor- Kapoor & Sons

‘Two brothers who are constantly fighting while mother sides with one’ is the story of every household. However, it does get toxic if it makes you so insecure that you barely speak with your brother, that you compete with them and see them as a rival. Sure, they come together in the end but insecurities are hard to kill and the Kapoor family is filled with them.

10 toxic Indian on-screen brothers whom we definitely don't want in real life!

Definite – Gangs of Wasseypur

He’s perhaps the worst of them all! With the help of his brother, Faizal (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), Zeishan Quadri kills all the enemies in the area. Eventually, he kills his brother too, thus ruling Wasseypur. What’s worse is that Faizal never saw it coming. Who backstabs their own family in the hunger for power?

Shakti Chand- Hulchul

Shakti Chand (Arbaaz Khan) just like his father Angar Chand (Amrish Puri) vows and makes sure that nobody in their family gets married. No women will be allowed in their house, they say. Balram’s (Jackie Shroff) anger or pain is justified as he lost his wife. Kishan is married but doesn’t reveal it to his family. Jai (Akshaye Khanna) also gets married and confronts his father. However, Shakti simply gives in to their father’s whims never questioning him. We obviously don’t require such toxic siblings who will enable even the wrongdoings of our parents.

Sandeep – Jyoti

If you think only Bollywood showcases toxic on-screen brothers, you’re mistaken. Indian television is no less! The TV series that used to feature on Imagine TV had a lot of popularity when it was first released. Jyoti’s (Sneha Wagh) brother, Sandeep (Varun Khandelwal) was good for nothing. He would constantly create trouble for Jyoti by messing things up. He would constantly ask for her help but as soon as one issue was resolved, he would bring up another. He also acts passive-aggressive towards her almost always. We’re not responsible for our adult brothers. They shouldn’t need babysitting! And enabling their bad behavior by not keeping a boundary is a bad idea.

Rohit Toshniwal – Shubh Laabh – Aapkey Ghar Mein

One can argue that Jyoti is a tale of 2009, but even in 2022, Indian television is showcasing toxic brothers. In Shubh Laabh, Vaibhav’s elder brother, Rohit (Mithil Jain) asks Vaibhav (Manan Jain/ Aashay Mishra) and his wife Shreya (Tanisha Mehta) to give up their child after his wife Maya loses her child to miscarriage. He suggests that if Maya doesn’t have a child, she will get heartbroken. Hence, they should give away their child to them. No, exchanging kids can never be a part of the sibling bond!

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