10 Indian queer musicians you need to listen to rn!

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Indian queer musicians

Jazz up the Pride month celebrations by listening to these amazing Indian queer musicians.

Pride is about celebrating the most vibrant parts of our society - the queer community. While we celebrate their existence, it's also important that we recognize amazing queer artists who are contributing exponentially in the field of art and making our lives more colorful. This list includes independent artists from all spectrums of society who identify with different sexualities. There are a number of extraordinarily talented Indian queer musicians that you should not miss out on!

Art has always been diverse. We can find people of every color, culture, race, and sexual orientation making an impact and changing narratives with their art. They have stories to tell and ideas to share all with their impeccable ability to either use paint, instruments, words, or tune these lyrics together to create a song. And India has its own set of queer musicians who have been creating their own kind of music, making our playlist a happy place.

We have Indian-origin singer Raveena's song, especially 'Temptation' will bring out the heat as she explores her queerness in the song. Raveena's music videos are not just pleasing to the ears but also to the eyes. Meanwhile, Teenasai Balamu also known as Grape Guitar Box will serenade you with her single like 'Wait For You.' They have set a sense of inclusive tone to their songs making us feel every emotion about love. On the other hand, we have Sushant Divgikar aka Rani-He-Nur, who is known for their elaborate and amazing personality and manages to nail every Bollywood song like the queen that they are. Their song 'Diamond' is a powerful response to anyone pointing fingers at the queer community.

These artists are finding a way to express themselves, and their identity, and giving others hope to be themselves through their music. As we wave the rainbow flag and show our support for them, we also take the time to discover various queer artists and their music. We made a list of such artists who are comfortable in their skin and found music as a way to show people their amazing personalities.

Check them out!

Teenasai Balamu

Alisha Bahht


Smruti Jalpur

Sushant Divgikar aka Rani Ko-HE-Nur

Krishna K

Pragya Pallavi

Jay Anand

Cartel Madras

Yatin Srivastava

Have an amazing Pride month with these talented artists!

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