As a lot of us are all in quarantine at homes, we have made a list of some amazing regional movies that you can binge-watch.

Movies are one great form of entertainment that connects with the masses on a different level. What can be better than being able to convey a story, a message within the time span of 2 hours and still entertain people, right? While the Hindi cinema or Bollywood as it is known is a huge industry, we cannot ignore the other smaller film industries in India that are beyond stardust and popularity. These industries are purely up for some incredible and quality movies that aim at delivering a message rather than just entertain the audiences. There are a bunch of such amazing movies that have made their cut to film festivals and have been duly recognized. We have jotted down a list of these regional movies that is a must-watch for every movie-lover.

Here’s a list of some incredible regional movies:

Maj Rati Keteki (Assamese)

Visaranai (Tamil)

Village Rockstars (Assamese)

Kaccha Limbu (Marathi)

Aalorukkam (Malayalam)

Dhappa (Marathi)

Nagarkirtan (Bengali)

Bhayanakam (Malayalam)

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Dhh (Gujarati)

Mayurakshi (Bengali)

To Let (Tamil)

Nude (Marathi)

Court (Marathi)

Virus (Malayalam)

Would you like to suggest any? Tell us in the comments below.