6 tips that will help you stand out as a Pinterest creator

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Confused about how to begin your journey as a Pinterest creator? Here are some tips to get you started!

Creative boards, pins, moods, and inspiration are the first few aspects you usually think of when talking about Pinterest. A space driven by aesthetics and discovery, Pinterest offers unique opportunities for users and content creators to grow, allowing them to reach wider audiences, and drive traffic to their content. Standing out in this visually driven social platform takes more than just images. It involves understanding the best strategies and techniques that one can apply to grow on this platform. Through this article, we take you through some tips and suggestions that will help you stand out as a Pinterest creator.

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Think of boards as the bestie who helps you organize

Boards on Pinterest are the easiest way to categorize and organize all your saved/uploaded content.  For those who struggle with managing their content, Pinterest boards act as a savior.

Put thought into content to make searching for boards easier  

A creator needs to consider all the things that work and don't work for a specific platform. Understanding your audience's needs, likes and dislikes makes your content relevant and authentic to your viewers and followers. It's important to put thought into your content while curating it specifically for Pinterest.   

Inspirational content versus actionable content

People often visit Pinterest looking for ideas that they can bring to life. Content that is actionable and has a clear call to action works well in terms of engagement, however, Pinterest is also a space where users and creators look for inspiration for their mood boards and visuals. Hence it is important to find balance between inspirational and actionable content to help you stand out on Pinterest.

Adding keywords to your content 

Keywords play a massive role in your content, no matter what the platform, they are a crucial part in tying your content together. Adding the right keywords can get your content an impressionable amount of views and following. For Pinterest, keywords can be applied in five places to help your profile perform better- Boards, Description+ lists, Captions, Topic tags, and Text overlay.   

Board participation

Keeping your created boards open for collaboration and contribution by various users and creators helps you grow as a creator and also helps in building an audience. The board participation allows multiple users to contribute to pins created on one's profile. These pins can consist of various themes, niches, and specific topics, etc.


Profile optimization

To constantly optimize your profile on Pinterest, you must always keep a practice of upgrading your profile. You can choose a professional photo or logo that represents your brand, or update your bio that precisely lets your audience know who you are, what you do, and what content you share. By doing this, you allow your profile to stand out as a creator and attract the right audience to your profile.

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