Musician Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s famous ‘Bado Badi’ was taken down from YouTube, here’s why!

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YouTube suspended the famous trending audio 'Bado Badi' that took over our feed leaving the singer, Chahat Fateh Ali Khan saddened over the news.

"Bado Badi" is one of those rare songs that unexpectedly pops into your head at any given moment. This catchy tune by Chahat Fateh Ali Khan which filled our social media feeds and sparked countless memes has unfortunately been removed by YouTube due to a copyright infringement issue. The reason YT suspended the music video suggested that it was a copy of the original version made in 1973 from Noor Jehan’s film ‘Banarsi Thug’. People on social media know this Chahat Ali song as it has been among the top trending audios over the past weeks. There have been multiple viral reels and memes that the internet could not get enough of. Netizens have been dancing to it, creating memes, sharing their deepest regrets with a touch of humor, and vibing to the song. After the video was taken down the singer was seen heartbroken and emotional in disbelief.

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Take a look at how people recreated Chahat Fateh Ali's version over the internet: 

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