From meeting favorite celebrities to featuring in Ads, this creator roundup is a compilation of everything that happened this past week

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Where Agasthya had the opportunity to meet Alia Bhatt while other creators attended fashionable events, take a look at every exciting news in this creator roundup

Creators have really been stepping up their game achieving big milestones, overcoming obstacles, and creating history. Ankush Bahuguna has been on a creative roll achieving big milestones and recently he was dressed head-to-toe in luxury brands to attend a fashion presentation carefully curated by Canali and Tods. Meanwhile, Sejal Kumar shared glimpses from her most insane experience at Taylor Swift’s Eras concert that she attended on her trip to Madrid. The internet's favourite style critic, Sufi Motiwala, has partnered up with Karan Johar’s Dharma Cornerstone Agency (DCA) where people will get to see a whirlwind of witty critiques, hilarious commentary, and a fresh perspective on the fashion scene, all delivered in his signature brand of quirky humour.

Talking about collaborations, Kritika Avasthi had a huge manifesting moment as she shared the opportunity to star with her dream actor, Shahrukh Khan. Talking about sharing space with actors, Agastya Shah couldn’t fathom his excitement as he had the opportunity to sit down and share a light conversation with Alia Bhatt. It was no different for Nilraj who shared a meaningful time on screen with Nawazuddin Siddiqui himself.  

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Take a look at what else happened over the week:

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