The internet has a trendy debate over a fit being called "effortless chic European" and here's why

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European or Desi chic

Take a look at how desi fashion has taken on different meanings for people in different countries after a reaction video went viral.

The confusion surrounding South Asian culture and fashion is one recurring discussion that never seems to come to an end. Be it South Asians defending ‘chai's' honor against America’s ‘chai tea latte’ or only associating Bollywood music with Tunak Tunak Tu, we have seen it all. But the latest confusion of mistaking its exquisite sarees and lehengas for "effortlessly chic European wear felt like another nail that people couldn't stop discussing about. A baffling reaction like the one from content creator Pushpek Sidhu sums up all our reactions to hearing South Asian ethnic wear being passed off as something European.

The discussion in question took off after a video of a person calling the  "draped shawl aesthetic" an “effortlessly European chic fashion’ went viral. It immediately reached the other part of the audience who had their debates ready that were both serious and hilarious at the same time. Various users went on to even recreate memes on the said European chic clothing, some of the reactions that caught our eyes were when content creator Mina dressed her salwar with a dupatta and made a sarcastic remake of it on how it gave a 'Scandinavian vibe'. Meanwhile, another content creator Anita took her take on this trend and highlighted "calling it what it is". Various other discussions as such have gone trending on this topic and social media has been loving this discussion. 

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Take a look at how this debate took social media into a heated yet hilarious frenzy:

Despite the misjudgment and misstep, it is important to focus on the beauty and diversity that fashion brings to the table. It focuses not just on being appropriate but is a vibrant umbrella of tradition and innovation. It is, in many ways, about highlighting and appreciating the culture of a country. It's never too late to take the time and accept the many cultures and the art that it has to offer. As people from a country that welcomes people to embrace their culture, we would like our friends from across the nation, who loved the said "draped shawl aesthetic" to try other vibrant and varied ethnic south asian outfit options that could help you elevate your style.

Here are a few suggestions for 'chic' options:


Making you look royal and elegant, this ethnic outfit is an ankle-length skirt designed for you to become the center point of attention for all your festive and special occasions


Sarees range back to the beginning of civilization that has seen an evolution with various readymade, semi-stitched, sarees of different states and different varieties and so on. There is nothing more regal and causally beautiful at the same time.

Salwar Suits

This traditional combination outfit has been worn for decades in south asian culture, from the Mughals to the royals, you cannot stop looking at the evolving elegance in salwar suits, making you fall in love with this Indian ethnic wear. Oh, these salwars also have a specific element that completes these outfits - the Dupatta. 


The way Indian kurtas bring in ethnicity and elegance in Indian wear is a feeling you will love! Indian kurtas are universal ethnic wear for men and women. From women and men carrying this fashion with elegance in their daily wardrobe to embracing it as a traditional wear for special occasions, kurtas are timeless ethnic wear you can add to your wardrobe today.

These are just a few suggestions that we hope you like. What are your thoughts on this Desi or Ethnic European debate? Tell us in the comments section below.

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