Heeramandi becomes the most talk-worthy subject on the internet and here's proof!

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Heeramandi has become the internet's hottest topic, with discussions, memes, and reviews ever since it came out and people can't stop flooding social media with their own version.

Sanjay Leela Bhansalinsali’s Heeramandi was released on Netflix and if you too got intrigued to watch it from the content you saw on social media, you might not be alone. People couldn't stop recreating the choreography, making memes, skits, and sharing reviews about the show, which indicates its popularity. It takes a show to be talkworthy for people to create content on it, and in an age where everything is marketing, it can be the most authentic and honest form of it. The discussions we see across different platforms as people dedicate their time to dissecting its plot and characters are all a barometer of its talk-worthiness. 

Interestingly, a show's talk-worthiness isn't solely dependent on its quality. People on the internet have mixed opinions about the storyline and its characters, but it's not just about how many people are tuning in and zoning out, but also what makes it deserve a spot on your feed or story. It can be the meme-ability of it, the uniqueness of the content, or the opulence and grand sets that Sanjay Leela Bhansali's work is known for. Pinpointing one thing can be tough but for now, it's Heermandi-inspired content taking over our feeds. It's never too late to sit back and enjoy the memes, fan theories spinning out of control, and YouTube channels dissecting every frame.

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Here is how people on the internet are integrating Heeramandi into their content:

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