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Instagram has announced several updates this week, aimed at improving user experience, engagement, and safety for teens on the platform.

In an ongoing effort to provide a more user-friendly experience, Instagram is rolling out a suite of new features and updates. These updates are designed to help users express themselves more creatively, engage in meaningful conversations, and maintain closer connections with their friends and followers. Additionally, recognizing the importance of a safe online environment, particularly for younger users, Instagram is introducing new tools to protect teens from unwanted interactions and online bullying.

Here is everything that you need to know: 

New Updates to Instagram Notes

Instagram is introducing significant updates to its Notes feature that is designed to help users express themselves, ignite conversations, and connect with friends more easily. The new features include:

Notes Prompts: Pose thoughts and musings with a prompt to encourage friends and mutuals to join the conversation.

Notes Likes: Quickly react to friends' notes with likes. Users can double-tap a note or click the heart icon in the reply sheet to like a note.

Mention: Directly @ mention friends in a note to grab their attention.


New web layout for Threads

Instagram has started rolling out a new web experience for Threads, now available to all users. The new layout allows for customization to help users find relevant content and share it throughout the day. Key features include:

- A simple, single-column view or the option to add separate columns for favorite searches, accounts, saved posts, notifications, and more.

- An auto-update feature to display new content in real time.

Instagram will continue to listen to user feedback to enhance the Threads web experience further.


Safety Measures for Teens

In a move to bolster safety, especially for teens, Instagram is expanding its existing Limits tool. This feature allows users to restrict interactions — such as comments, DMs, tags, and mentions — to their core community. This can be particularly useful for creators experiencing a spike in attention or those who want to focus on long-time followers. The expanded Limits tool now enables users, particularly teens, to limit these interactions to Close Friends. This update aims to provide a safer environment, especially in situations of bullying or significant life changes like switching schools.

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