Instagram’s new video mute policy doesn’t let you mute videos?! Here’s everything you need to know

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This new Instagram update on muting videos will impact the way you watch Reels and videos, and here’s what you need to know.

Do you scroll through Reels and find a trending video that everyone seems to like annoying? Or are you the person who enjoys them but prefers to watch it on mute? Well, if you are the later, there’s news if you didn’t already know. Instagram has decided to make our experience of watching Reels on mute difficult with it’s recent update.

So what is Instagram's new mute update that recently came with Instagram updates? For those of you who were equally oblivious to this update as I was, you will now have to mute a video manually each time. This minor update seem to have it’s impact on the users leaving them divided. While there are many who are unbothered the other half can’t help but show they frustration. One half is praising the update that will allow them to pause the video instead while the rest are furious over the extra steps required for this once simple task.

According to discussions found on Reddit and various other sites, many users have shared feeling like the whole process is a hassle.

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Hating this new update???

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How you can you mute a Reel ask? You can flip the silent switch on if you are an Iphone user. Others will have to tap the screen multiple times to mute the sound.

While these changes are part of a broader update to Instagram's video interface like reels and more, it has led to significant dissatisfaction among the users bringing a huge shift in the user experience.As Instagram aims to enhance engagement and compete with rival social sites, the true impact of this change will be evident only when users begin to adapt to the new Instagram updates.

What do you think about the mute feature on Instagram? would you like to go back to the old Instagram? Share with us in the comments below! 

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