8 must-have apps for the unorganized to manage your clutter!

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Here are 8 organizational apps that you can download to help make your life easier

Keeping up with activities while having a busy schedule can sometimes be a difficult task. We've all had moments when we end up overwhelmed and disorganized while trying to keep up with a busy to-do schedule and attending to other aspects of our lives. Thankfully technology offers a solution with organizational apps aimed to help the unorganized folks find a balance. They are a helping hand to those in severe need of some structure in tasks and life too. 

These apps are designed to help us be more productive by assisting us in focusing on our tasks, managing our responsibilities, and maintaining order. They can be the change that you need to manage and compartmentalise work differently. With the help of these digital apps, one can find that keeping track of tasks is not only easy but also efficient as it makes our lives more convenient. Organizational apps are the new task manager and these apps have a lot to offer.

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Take a look at these 8 organizing apps that we found helpful and easy to use for organising:


Memento is a content organizer app that is available for all Android users. It is your personal digital space where you can organize your content, and store your important ideas, images, video links, and more. For users and creators who struggle to manage their content or forget ideas instantly but need a place to store good content ideas instantly, memento is the app that you need.


The notion app is a highly recommended note-taking and productivity web application, available for all on both website and mobile devices this app has effectively helped in managing and organization of daily activities, schedules, daily to-do’s at work, making important notes, and so on. Notion also has various sections in which you can keep track of various projects, and tasks in well-mannered color-coded ways.


Notes is an inbuilt app available for Apple/mac users, you can easily create sections on the notes app dedicated to various topics and systemize your content. various users consider the Notes app as their personal diary too! 


Calendly is a software company that focuses mainly on business communications for teams to follow and prepare for scheduled meetings. Calendly is your scheduling automation platform for eliminating the back-and-forth emails to find the perfect time — and much more.



Todoist is said to be a people’s favorite in task management and to-do lists, it helps you organize important things and get tasks done on high priority. 

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the staple organizing app available to all and used by many. Google Calendar can easily help you get into a habit of organization and good management.Google Calendar can truly be your organizational bestie.


Evernote is yet another efficient note-taking and task-management application, intended for archiving and creating notes with embedded photos, audio, and saved web content, Evernote helps you be more organized and sorted in terms of content as it acts as your physical notebook in which you can tag, annotate, edit, search and also export with efficiency.



Trello helps you oversee your projects, organize tasks, and build team collaborations all combined in one place, Trello is the ultimate teamwork management tool. A helpful app used mostly by people in the corporate business sector.


Do you have any similar apps that come to mind when you think of the words ‘organized and managed’? Tell us in the comments section below.

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