Indian Men's Cricket team lifts 2024 T20 trophy and celebrating sweeps the nation

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People's reaction to the T20 win

India rejoiced as the Indian Men's cricket team brought the trophy home and here's how the people celebrated this strong comeback!

After a big loss the previous year, you would’ve imagined the Indian team to lose hope, however, that isn’t the case as our brave cricket team marveled and only came back stronger this year to give us a sweeping clean bolt win in this year's T20 World Cup match. It surely was a win that none of us can stop talking about.

The weekend was lit up with celebrations people not only brightened the streets with the flag's colors, but the internet buzzed with their reactions, love, and appreciation virtually. This ICC Mens Cricket World Cup final was a win that truly felt personal to every Indian. While it’s been two days since the epic win, the internet is still abuzz over the iconic comeback, we've seen a rollercoaster of emotions and tons of core memories being made that the entire nation is going to cherish forever. Cricket truly is a sport as such that brings a divided nation together over a win that feels truly personal.

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Take a look at how the people of India have been celebrating this T20 Worldcup victory;


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