6 rain ASMR videos that will serve your inner pluviophile well

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Here are 6 rainy-day videos that are the best nature ASMR to help you feel calm and relaxed

Imagine the first proper rains of June, it's your day off and you’re sitting indoors, curled up in your blanket, binging your favorite shows and movies, enjoying a hot cup of tea/coffee, or even Maggi in the dark cloudy rainy weather. Just the thought of it makes you feel relaxed and calm, right? This peace also from the ASMR experience of how the rains feel. ASMR, short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is the sensation some people experience on their skin, often triggered by specific audio or visual stimuli. Rains act as natural ASMR that manages to leave our human brain feeling all the goosebumps.

You may have heard and seen different types of ASMR, from food, kinetic sand, ASMR tapping, and so on. ASMR brings huge benefits, from often eliciting pleasurable sensory responses to promoting relaxation and even helping one with sleep and so on. Rainy ASMR happens to be one of the most calming audio and visuals proven to help any human being. While some may dislike the appeal of the rainy season, a majority would rather disagree. One can easily be transported into a much "zen" state of mind, often allowing you to let your brain take you back to the most nostalgic yet comforting memories. The feeling of a calm breeze or birds chirping on a rainy trek to a top hill, curling up in a warm blanket, a bike trip to the waterfalls, enjoying the hot "Tapri-wali" chai while freezing from the cool rains, is all that you think about when it starts pouring. You want to experience the instant calm amid chaos! So, let your mind be at ease as you tune into these few rainy ASMR videos that we found to help you relax.

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