From 'looking between letters on your keyboard' to accidentally swiping and buying stuff, Reel trends from this week have a bunch of everything!

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A trendy audio or video may sound done and dusted to you but people on social may beg to differ. Reel trends from this week take you through a wide range of recent hits to viral memes. 

Just like the internet, are you also wondering what to 'look between 2 letters on your keyboard' for? Well, it started in 2021 over a character that featured in an anime series and now this trend has returned, taking the internet by storm where people are asking everyone to look for words between two letters, making this a funny trend this week. In another trend, this audio by Haley Pham became people's go-to for a range of video content – from empowering self-talk to relatable moments and uplifting motivation. Artist Pragati Nagpal's latest release ‘Useless Bhawra’  has been trending this week as well; with a variation of memes to hook steps to the song lyrics, the Bhawra song has become a sensation making everyone dance to the beat. Area by rapper Pasha ft Demixxx Beats from the recent album release of the upcoming Prime show DDD (Dil Dosti Dilemma) is a peppy upbeat audio that has been trending as people have been using this audio to create cool transitions. 

If you love shopping, this trending audio is for you. It describes how a shopaholic ends up "accidentally" buying stuff the minute they're out somewhere. Isabel Larosa's 'favorite' made the trend this week too; from how-to videos to dress-up videos, creators and fashionistas have been using this audio throughout the week. Adding to musical hits, Lana Del Rey's hit song 'Chemtrails over the Country Club' was also trending this week with Reels ranging from memes, fan makes to wholesome videos. Dhvani Bhanushali's new song ‘Thank You God’  which was released last month was trending this week as well, with various creators and choreographers dancing to the hook step of this song in collaboration with the artist herself. Infused with a Spanish flair, this song will get you dancing quite a lot. 

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Here's a visual look at everything that made the trending list this week!

Haley Pham's empowering 'self- love' audio. 

Useless Bhawra - Pragati Nagpal 

Thankyou God - Dhvani Bhanushali 

"Accidental" swipe and buy

Area - Pasha ft Demixxx Beats 

Isabel Larosa - 'favorite' 

Lana Del Ray -  Chemtrails Over the Country Club

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