From the most hilarious trends to viral audios, you'll enjoy the amusing trends in this week's roundup

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trends roundup 28_06

Check out this trends roundup where social media users and creators have been hopping on the trends wagon and entertaining us all week.

Social media amuses us each week when we are assured of viewing a new hilarious trend, hook step, or video that goes viral, keeping users completely engrossed on the internet. Tinashe’s ‘I've Been a Nasty Girl’ had us on the hook this week, while the internet was divided on dance steps to this trending audio and another half divided on taking a whole hilarious take, we could not stop rewatching and laughing to the remakes. Another hilarious trendy audio 'Searching for one’s boyfriend' by Scarlip feat. Zeddy Will was a rather unalike trend from this week. We also saw a bunch of users and creators create their own versions of 'Is somebody gonna match my freak'. Uncanny as it may sound, this looked like a hysterical trend that everyone could not stop recreating this week. While trends were in an uproar this week, Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Not Like Us’ was a fun take on transitions that we could not get enough of. Adding the Punjabi swag on the trends this week ‘Baby Don’t Ditch Me’ by Honeyjeet and B.praak was the perfect way to wrap up a sum of variety in trends we saw this week.

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Take a look at what else was trending this week;

Blockbuster- farishafi

Aasa Kooda - abhyankkar 

Birds of  a feather- Billie Eilish 

Yo Bunny

Natania, Subhi - Gulzar 

I've Been a Nasty Girl

Have you seen my boyfriend

Is somebody gonna match my freak

Kendrick Lamar- Not Like Us

Baby Don’t Ditch Me

Let us know about your favorite trend of the week!

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